Mar 03

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Gordy Bunch, Resident and Entrepreneur of the Month

Written by Angela Aja

Gordy spent four transformative leadership years in the Coast Guard before returning to Texas to marry his fiancé, Michelle, in 1995. He had his eye on the position of Comptroller for the city of Conroe, but as fate would have it, his resume ended up in the wrong post office box. Gordy soon found himself working for the Texas Farm Bureau, and learning everything he could about the insurance industry.

Through the next couple of years, Gordy grew his personal book of business at an impressive rate, rose through the ranks of management, and garnered attention from several national players in the industry. Gordy was recruited by American National as a General Agent, and further developed his skills in territory and business development, agent recruitment and agency management, which continued to catapult him forward in his career.

The next stop on the journey brought Gordy to Prudential, a company that looked to him for his keen understanding of where the insurance industry was headed, and provided him the platform to test out some of his innovative business ideas. This opportunity, along with his extensive executive leadership training, would soon become the foundation of the company he would create in 2001, The Woodlands Financial Group (TWFG).

Gordy’s vision for TWFG from day one has been to create a family–a family of fiercely independent, loyal, and passionate insurance professionals, who are committed to serving their communities with integrity. A vision that would turn the insurance industry on it’s head. One that would create the structure allowing insurance agents within the TWFG Family, the ability to provide their clients with the exact coverage they needed at a fair price, and not a one-size-fits-all solution that had become the standard. A vision that would create opportunities for anyone willing to roll up their sleeves and work hard, the ability to build a strong, successful business and secure futures for themselves and their families.

It has been this vision that has helped forge what is now one of the top 10 independent insurance agencies in the country, and the number one independent agency in personal lines insurance in Texas. But the business accomplishment that Gordy is the most proud of, is that of earning the title “The Best Company To Work For In The Woodlands” by The Woodlands Online Community.

Gordy serves on The Woodlands Board of Directors and is Chairman of The Woodlands Convention and Visitors Bureau. He and Michelle have been long-term residents of The Woodlands and Carlton Woods with their 3 remarkable sons, Greg, Riley

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