May 05

TWFG Introduces New Company Slogan

THE WOODLANDS, TX, MAY 5, 2013 – The Woodlands Financial Group’s new promise and slogan for TWFG Insurance Services was introduced to several hundred company agents and staff employees at the company’s annual convention in Las Vegas last week.

TWFG president and CEO, Gordy Bunch, said the four-word phrase is both a promise and a slogan. It ties directly into the company’s basic business by incorporating the word “policy” in a line that promises “Our Policy is Caring.” Bunch said: “In today’s complex world, all people want to feel that someone cares about them. It may be a spouse, partner, a child, or even a friend, neighbor, or business associate. The insurance industry in particular, is all about caring for its policy holders. At TWFG, we are putting that promise of caring for every individual and company in writing,” Bunch said.

The slogan has been graphically tied by font and colors to the company’s basic TWFG logo. It features three pine trees “standing tall” and representing the company, the agent, and the customer as well as reflecting the firm’s name and headquarters location in The Woodlands, Texas, one of the top three master-planned communities in the nation and number one in home sales in the State of Texas. Bunch said the promise slogan is already being incorporated into the company’s marketing materials and advertising and will also be featured in an upgraded new website now in development.


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