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TWFG Supports Healthy Living and Active Lifestyles

The Woodlands Financial Group (TWFG) and its founder, president and CEO, Richard “Gordy” Bunch III, based in The Woodlands, Texas, believe healthy living is the greatest contribution a company can make to its community and its residents. As a matter of business and community support, TWFG contributes to a general group of large and small charities. But TWFG specializes in supporting organizations and events that promote good health and active living. By sponsoring high-profile events that encourage physical fitness, TWFG also demonstrates that it is directly benefitting current and potential policy holders and their families. Gordy believes: “Doing well by doing good,” is a truism, as well as an axiom,”

Gordy practices what he preaches. At one time, “Gordy” (‘Gordo’ basically means ‘fat person” in the Spanish language), says he deserved the nickname as a child and even into young adulthood. After a four-year stint in the Coast Guard he recognized the benefits, as well as the necessity, of being fit. When he founded TWFG in 2001 with his life-savings of $10,000, he worked the hectic routine of a burgeoning entrepreneur to survive and build his business. Too often, he reverted to convenient “comfort food” when hurricanes, tornadoes, mold, floods and the tragedy of 9-11 all struck in the inaugural year of his TWFG insurance and financial services company. Gordy was already married with his first child at the time and knew he had to get back in shape for his own and his family’s sake. It was then that cycling and exercise entered his life. The new regimen helped him to become an Iron Man participant, and soon thereafter, he was able to finish the run-swim-cycle marathon. In Iron Man, the goal for most amateur athletes is not to win, but just to finish the grueling experience. Today, Gordy and TWFG are one of the sponsors of the Iron Man event held in the company’s headquarters home town community, The Woodlands, TX.


Gordy’s penchant for active living attracted him to become title sponsor for what is now the TWFG Gran Fondo bicycle race. The 2015 race will be staged in Montgomery County, Texas. TWFG Gran Fondo has a perfect profile to illustrate Gordy’s healthy lifestyle philosophy of giving. It offers a 103-mile challenge which prepares participants for the MS150-mile Houston-to-Austin ride, or the Ironman competition. It also includes 74 and 48 Challenge Rides with hills which is considered a tune-up for any of the bigger rides or those who are just achieving the higher limits of cycling. Finally, there is a 25-mile Family, School, and Recreational Ride for any and all ages. Gordy sees the TWFG Gran Fondo as a
“Triple Threat and Treat” because in addition to helping thousands of bicycle enthusiasts, proceeds benefit the Houston Medical Center Orchestra and the National Multiple Sclerosis Society.

Another TWFG healthy-living event is the TWFG Muddy Trails Bash. Foot races and walks wind through the George Mitchell Nature Preserve located on 1,800 acres of Creekside Park in Harris County, Texas. There are 5k and 10k races for ages 10 and older. The Little Muddy Kids race is a one-mile Fun Run for children age 5 and up. There is even a Fun Run that participants can do with their dog! The post-race party includes crawfish plates and live Zydeco music for kids, parents, and whoever is in the park.

*Note: TWFG Muddy Trails Bash is named after Mud Bugs (aka: Crawfish) and is NOT a mud run.


TWFG extends its interest in physical fitness to the annual Dragon Boat races in support of the local YMCA. In 2014, TWFG registered a team for the fifth consecutive year and won its race with dozens of its headquarters staff employees pulling oars and supporting their teammates instead of crunching actuarial tables and crashing computers.


The company’s overall slogan, which is also Gordy’s personal pledge to customers and employees, is “Our Policy is Caring.” Other beneficiaries of TWFG’s “Caring” policy are: American Heart Association, Susan G. Breast Cancer Foundation, Barnabus Group, Interfaith of The Woodlands, Toys for Tots, CASA Child Advocacy, College of the Ozarks, University of North Texas, Texas A&M University, University of Houston-Downtown Advisory Board; The Woodlands Waterway Arts Council; Fellowship of Christian Athletes; Texas Rush (Kid’s Soccer), Young Life, The Woodlands United Methodist Church, and JROTC.

Most recently, Gordy, who also contributes many hours of his personal and executive time as an elected and unpaid member of The Woodlands Township Board of Directors, was contacted by The Women’s Center, a safe haven home for abused women. Seems the children who accompanied their mothers on their escape to the shelter, had nothing to do while their abused mother was rebuilding and rearranging her life in the communal home. The request was for used bicycles that the kids could ride around the grounds, getting out of cramped quarters and enjoying the fresh Texas air. Gordy recognized this as an opportunity to get the kids physically activity, while once again contributing to the good will of the community. Gordy asked his headquarters employees to bring in used bikes from their homes to donate. When the total count of bikes, tricycles, and scooters was not enough to take care of all the kids, Gordy called in a TWFG intern, handed him a credit card, and said “Go out and buy three brand new bikes.” The kicker to the whole exercise is that when the children leave for a new life with their mothers, they will be invited to take their bikes with them and Gordy will help The Women’s Center all over again. That’s what you do when your “Policy is Caring.” Nobody cares more about keeping everyone fit and healthy than Richard “Gordy” Bunch III, Founder, President and CEO of The Woodlands Financial Group.


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