Jul 25

TWFG Attracting “Captive Agents” with New Branch Agent Opportunities

THE WOODLANDS, TX, July 26 – TWFG, one of the top-rated independent insurance agencies in the nation, is currently offering an exclusive new branch agent program with “unprecedented benefits” for potential branch owners. With a commission split of 80/20 for “TWFG Full Service” branches, Gordy Bunch, the young entrepreneurial TWFG president and CEO, says he is out to prove “it’s time for a change.”  Bunch said his experiences and TWFG branch managers tell him: “Captive agents endure lower commissions, lack of product choices, higher quotas, and non-competitive pricing.”


The Texas-based financial services firm has 285 branch offices in 16 states and several thousand agents already onboard with TWFG, selling in 49 states.  A “Managing General Agent” Program and a “Referral Program” are also being offered. The General Agent gets a full appointment for personal lines insurance carriers and receives a 70/30 commission split on all business. The full appointment includes online rating and binding authority with most carriers, multiple personal line and commercial line products, an agency management system available at low cost, and comparative rates available at low cost.


Bunch believes that “captive” agents are not realizing the full rewards and benefits for their work as the backbones of the insurance industry. Even his Referral Program is offering a 50-50 commission split with no appointment required. Bunch’s philosophy stems from the fact that TWFG has grown from its founding in 2001 to 15th in the nation in Personal Lines by allowing independent agents to offer multiple carrier options at competitive rates. He emphasizes personal progress for agents without the pressure of quotas and adds a synergistic support team that utilizes the most advanced technology.


The company has also added an “Agent Opportunities” page to its web site with additional information and a Webinar. Interested agents should contact Judy Rush, National Agency Relationship Director, for further information at 281-466-1173 or



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