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Be Aware of The Five C’s During the Holidays

The Woodlands, TX – Dec. 1, 2015 – The holiday season is filled with merriment and joy, but too many families also experience the darker side of the holidays, problems involving the Five C’s: Celebrations, Candles, Cooking, Cars, and Christmas décor. Gordy Bunch, an award-winning insurance executive and community leader, wants to add “Caring,” to the holiday mix with these holiday safety tips that need to be included in everyone’s holiday planning.

Christmas trees should always be kept at least three feet away from heat sources, such as fireplaces and candles. Fresh trees require regular watering at the base to prevent dryness. Artificial trees should be labeled flame-retardant and decorated with UL approved lights. Test lights and cords before putting them on the tree to avoid fires.

Cooking for the holidays requires extra care because of the many distractions the season brings with guests, shopping, and parties. Check and re-check stovetops and ovens during preparation and keep flammable items, wooden utensils, and even holiday frocks away from the heat source. Gordy suggests setting timers to remind you when boiling, frying, or baking.

Candles are the most common source of holiday disasters. Two of every five holiday home fires are caused by candles. Make sure they are in sturdy containers that won’t tip and never use them in the bedroom. Keep candles at least a foot away from flammable items and blow them out when you leave the room.

Cars are prime targets for thieves during the holidays. The Insurance Council of Texas is warning shoppers about vehicle break-ins during the holiday shopping season. “Lock, Take and Hide” are the watchwords when shopping. Criminals will be intent on burglarizing vehicles that may have been left unlocked or have phones, ipad, gifts, and other valuables in plain view, the ICT said. Locking your car, taking your keys, and hiding your possessions have been shown to greatly reduce both auto burglaries and thefts. “We want Texans to be able to enjoy their holiday shopping or other activities without having to return to a burglarized or stolen auto,” Gordy says.

Celebrations encompass all of the above because they are a leading cause of holiday mishaps. Everything from knocking over a candle to mysterious disappearance of gifts and valuables, to driving under the influence, can result in severe repercussions and loss for hosts, family, and guests.

Have a “Care-Free holiday season,” says Gordy Bunch, who is also president and CEO of TWFG, one of the nation’s largest insurance services agencies, representing more than 200 insurance companies, Gordy suggests checking with your professional insurance agent to ensure your current homeowners policy provides the best protection for you, your family, and business for the holidays and every day. More information is available at

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