Aug 22

The Woodlands Financial Group Celebrates its First 15 Years

Gordy Bunch Reveals TWFG “Secret to Success” in the Insurance Industry

THE WOODLANDS, TX, August 22, 2016 – The Woodlands Financial Group is celebrating its 15th Anniversary with top industry rankings and the launch of a new national insurance company, Gordy Bunch, founder, president, and CEO, announced today.

“Bunch looked back over 15 years and said, “I founded TWFG, as an independent financial services and insurance company in The Woodlands with only $10,000 in the bank. I could not know that just days later the tragedy of 9/11 would paralyze the nation. It was the worst possible market condition to start any business, but I believed I had developed a unique product and business model that had the potential to turn the insurance industry on its head.” Bunch revealed one of the “secrets” to TWFG’s success. He felt that his TWFG business model would set “captive agents free” and could offer policyholders lower premiums. Bunch explained that the “captive” phrase is an industry term for agents who are obligated to sell only the products of their single “big name” company. TWFG, as an independent agency, offered access to more than 200 insurance companies at lower costs than what “captive consumers” were being asked to pay.

In 2015 TWFG recorded more than four-hundred million dollars in written premiums and has grown to 334 branches in 17 states, with over 100 employees in its Woodlands, Texas, home office.” We’ve come a long way and a lot of talented, passionate people have joined us through the years, rolled up their sleeves, and worked hard to get us here,” Bunch said. In addition to the TWFG branches and staff, there are more than 2,000 General Agents writing TWFG-managed insurance products, protecting 26 states. There are 38,000 independent insurance agencies in the nation, and in 2016, TWFG ranks #32 for all lines (commercial, homeowners, auto, etc.), #8 nationally for personal lines (homeowner, auto, etc.), and #1 in Texas for personal lines.

When asked what comes next for TWFG, Bunch said, “I’m looking forward to what we create in the next 15 years and beyond. We recently had a soft launch of twico© (, which is our proprietary national insurance carrier offering homeowners insurance, and with it The Woodlands Financial Group has the opportunity to turn the insurance industry on its head again.” He shared congratulatory remarks from Carlos Cantu, a veteran TWFG million dollar club member in Dallas, and one of the first agents to join the company. “I’ve been here almost since the beginning, and we have become a family. No matter how much we’ve grown, we’ve never lost touch with that spirit of fellowship and success.” Bunch said he is proud to announce that more than a quarter-of-a-million policyholders are also now part of the TWFG family.


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