Mar 05

Meet Gordy

Uniquely Qualified

Our greatest generations should always be in our future.

Through my experiences as a decorated veteran of the United States Coast Guard, President and CEO of one of the largest privately-held property and casualty agencies in the nation, and most recently as an elected board member of The Woodlands Township, I believe I am uniquely qualified to offer limited government and pro-growth solutions that will strengthen our families and small businesses.  Our state and our district deserve to have a Senator who has not only helped protect our sovereign soil but has had the entrepreneurial spirit to help in the creation of thousands of jobs for Texas families.

Texas is the growth engine for the United States.  Our state shines brighter than any other because of our rugged individualism, passionate defense of freedom, and an unwavering commitment to empower people instead of government.  I am asking you today to stand with me as we work to ensure Texas maintains its rightful place as one of the world’s great economies and as a state that vigorously defends its people against the encroachment of an uncontrolled federal government on our personal freedoms.

A Lifetime of Hard Work and Achievement

“I, Richard F Bunch III “Gordy” , do solemnly swear that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; and that I will obey the orders of the President of the United States and the orders of the officers appointed over me, according to regulations and the Uniform Code of Military Justice. So help me God.”

Like many families growing up in Texas, our parents instilled in us the principals of hard work, personal responsibility, and a pride in our country for affording us boundless opportunities.  I started working in restaurants at the age of fourteen and as a teenager became the manager of a Little Caesars and then McDonald’s restaurant in College Station.

When I turned nineteen, our nation was heading toward the first Gulf War and I felt a compelling sense of duty to serve in the protection of our country.  A friend of mine and I drove to the Houston recruiting office, but it was closed.  Undaunted, we drove out to San Diego and volunteered for duty.  Over the course of the next four years, I conducted missions to assist hurricane recovery in Florida, rescue ships and sailors in the frigid waters of the Bering Sea, and intercept drug smugglers or human traffickers who were piloting slave ships with cargo bound for America.  We put our lives on the line in the largest life-saving operation since WWII, rescuing 3,247 people in one day off the coast of Haiti. Before leaving to begin my business career, I received one of the highest honors the Coast Guard awards – the “Coast Guard Achievement Medal,” for restructuring the Coast Guard’s purchasing and inventory systems. I am also proud to hold the National Defense Service Medal for serving our country in a time of war.

The missions were dangerous.  There was no guarantee that we would return home.  But it gave me great pride to know that I was doing my part to protect our sovereign soil, territorial waters, and to save our fellow countrymen from a watery end.

Following my service and after several years rising through the ranks of the insurance industry, I had a calling to open my own business – my entrepreneurial spirit could not be suppressed.  Michelle and I knew it was a risk.  We had a young family and around $10,000 to try and start on our own.  But I was determined to succeed and in 2001 founded The Woodlands Financial Group (TWFG). Today, TWFG has almost 200 offices and affiliated agencies with 1,000 related jobs in the 4th Senate District.  We are the 30th largest provider of privately held insurance in America, protecting more than 200,000 families, homeowners, businesses, autos, flood areas, and more for clients of 314 retail branches and 3,000 affiliated agents in 38 states.

A Limited Government Conservative

One of the most important lessons I have learned is that any operation can be run more efficiently and effectively.  We are blessed to live in a state that works to keep taxes low and government out of our lives.  But, we can always improve and frankly, it will take people from outside of politics to make that happen.  I’m proud to note that in the short time I have spent on the board of The Woodlands Township, we have paid down publicly held debt, saved $800,000 on one contract alone, and reduced taxes for our residents for two consecutive years.

I know with my experience, we can help restructure state programs and spending so we are eliminating waste and abuse from the system while cutting taxes and improving services. Our district deserves nothing less than a leader in the Senate with the proven knowledge and capability to enact reforms that stop our dollars from being wasted and prevent bad policies from ever seeing the light of day.  It is our duty to make certain that Texas stands against the liberal, social-engineering that has bankrupt our federal government and numerous big-government states.

Top Priorities for Texas

Fighting Back Against an Abusive Federal Government: Never before in our history have we seen an Administration so Hell-bent on abusing and expanding its powers beyond what the Constitution allows.  As long as Barack Obama is President, a key function and focus of our state government MUST BE to stop overreaching federal agencies from enforcing mandates, unwanted programs, and stripping the rights of Texans.  Whether this is pushing back against ObamaCare, Medicaid expansion, CSCOPE/Common Core, 2nd Amendment restrictions, the EPA, the DOJ or any other agency that seeks to use its powers to harm our state, we must ensure Texas stands strong against this abusive federal government.

Reducing the Tax Burden so Families Keep More of What They Earn: While it is admirable that our state is running multi-billion surpluses for the Rainy-day fund, this is an indication that our tax structure needs to be adjusted so the people earning this money can keep more of it in their local economies.  Whether it is a reduction or elimination of the franchise tax or reducing property tax growth and valuation increases, I am committed to delivering conservative, common-sense solutions that ensure the earnings of Texans stay where they belong – in the hands of our hard-working families and businesses.

Reducing Spending by Eliminating Waste and Inefficiencies: Through my experience in the United States Coast Guard and as the founder, President, and CEO of one of the nation’s leading privately-held property and casualty agencies I have learned that any operation can be run more effectively and efficiently.  I am proud to note that in the short time I have spent on the board of The Woodlands Township, we have paid down publicly-held debt, saved $800,000 on one contract alone, and reduced taxes for our residents – this is the same kind of leadership I will bring the state Senate.


key facts

United States Coast Guard Veteran 1991-1995 (Partial list of decorations)

  • Coast Guard Achievement Medal
  • Coast Guard Meritorious Unit Commendation with one Gold Star
  • National Defense Service Medal
  • Humanitarian Service Medal with one Gold Star
  • Coast Guard Expert Pistol Shot Medal
  • Coast Guard Expert Rifleman Medal

Founder, President, and CEO of The Woodlands Financial Group

  • TWFG is the 30th largest provider of privately held insurance in America, serving 38 states

Past President of the Professional Insurance Agents of Texas

Proud husband to Michelle and father of three boys who attend Conroe ISD

Member Montgomery County Republican Party

Associate Member Montgomery County Republican Women

Associate Member The Woodlands Republican Women

Associate Member Golden Triangle Republican Women

The Bunch family attends The Woodlands United Methodist Church

Ironman Triathlete

Lifetime Member of the NRA

American Heart Association donor and past board member

Contributor to the Texas A&M Thornberry Endowment Scholarship

Fellowship of Christian Athletes

Interfaith of the Woodlands Donor

National Multiple Sclerosis Society and supporter of the Texas Medical Center Orchestra and the TWFG Gran Fondo

University of Houston-Downtown College of Business – Insurance and Risk Management Center Advisory Council

South Montgomery Chamber of Commerce member

South Montgomery County YMCA volunteer coach

Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation donor

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