Covid-19 Update

Our Policy is caring, now and always.

In order to best serve our customers and agents, we are keeping up with developments concerning the spread of COVID-19, or Coronavirus. We are working to ensure that all of our customers continue to receive the quality service and coverage they’ve come to expect from us.

We’ve have always strived to remain prepared for moments like this one so that we can ensure our customers are always protected, and that our agents are prepared to serve you under any condition.

Here are a few of the steps we are taking to ensure you are covered:

  • We are offering billing support to our customers who are being financially affected by COVID-19 interventions. To discuss your options regarding special billing arrangements, please contact us at: 1-866-466-TWFG(8934)
  • We will continue to respond to claims in a timely, professional manner. Customers can make a claim at any time by visiting our Claims Directory.
  • As needed, we will use our virtual tools to perform inspections, while taking every step to ensure that in-person inspections are performed in a safe manner that prevents transmission.
  • Our employees will continue working and performing all essential job duties, whether remotely or in a safe office environment.
  • We are restricting business travel for all employees. This includes postponing or cancelling any international and non-essential domestic travel, as well as upcoming conferences and conventions.

Caring for our customers has always been and will always be our first priority. If there is any way we can help, do not hesitate to contact us.